Top 13 Weight Loss New Tips For Men

Top 13 Weight Loss

1. Eat more protein

In the digestive process, 25-30% of each gram protein is burned. This compares to 6-8% of calories from carbs. Substituting 50g of proteins for equal amounts of carbs will save you 41 calories.

2. Stay hydrated

Water is essential for weight loss. It helps remove toxins and transports nutrients. It also improves digestion, muscle function, speeds up fat burning and calorie burn. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water per day.

3. Eat a light and early dinner

We all make the mistake of eating dinner late, and making it a luxury. We gain weight when we eat late. Our body clock is synchronized with the sun. The metabolism is high during the day and we digest our food quickly. After sunset, however, digestion slows. Early dinners can help you lose weight.

4. Stress

To lose weight, you must reduce stress. Stress is a major obstacle to weight loss. It produces cortisol, which interferes with insulin hormone and prevents us from losing fat. Pranayama, meditation or deep breathing can help reduce stress.

Top 13 Weight Loss
Top 13 Weight Loss

5. Sleep

Sleeping 8 hours is essential for weight loss. Sleep deprivation can increase appetite, slow down metabolism and cause water retention.

6. Exercise

Exercise is a key element in weight loss. We must be active to burn calories and improve metabolism. Yoga, walking, dancing, strength training, aerobics and weight training can all be included in your routine. Weight training and strength exercises are the most effective for men as they promote muscle growth and help to burn excess fat. Do these exercises only under the guidance of a certified trainer.

7. Add more fibre in diet

When trying to lose some weight, foods rich in fiber are important. They help reduce blood sugar levels and keep our hearts healthy. As fibre moves through the digestive tract, it absorbs water. In turn, we feel less hungry and our stomachs fill up faster. Consume more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes like oats or quinoa.

8. The role of liquid calories

The majority of people are aware that regular soda is not a good choice. Did you know that sweet tea, juice and energy drinks can hinder weight loss? Sugar-laden drinks are responsible for weight gain because they do not provide the same sense of fullness that solid foods can. Next time you crave something other than water try kombucha or sparkling water that has a hint flavor.

9. Rein in snacking

Snacking while trying to lose weight is a controversial topic. Snacking without paying attention can hinder weight loss. A well-planned snack can help keep hunger away and meet your macro- and micronutrient goals. Here are some calorie-controlled, dietitian approved snacks to fit any budget .

10. Go Natural

You choose dahi and seasoning instead of brownies and ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth on a hot day in the summer. You have already won half the battle.

Avoiding desserts, ice-cream, snacks and other unhealthy foods and choosing natural alternatives, such as fruits, salads and whole grains and seeds, will help you stay healthy.

11. Go Colourful

You can serve yourself a healthy diet if you include three to five different colours of vegetables, either raw or cooked, along with a source of protein, and some healthy carbohydrates.

Fill 50% of your plate with vegetables. Then, add 25-30% protein. And the remainder is carbs. You will be able to start losing weight if you follow this simple rule.

It would also be helpful if you consumed your salad first. You will feel fuller and may not need a second serving when you are ready to move onto carbs and proteins.

12. Be Like a Child

Children never condemn themselves. Even if they fall down, they still get up and play. So go ahead.

Binge, and then be unhealthy for the day. Do not punish yourself or go on extreme diets the next day. You will soon be back on track if you return to your normal, regulated diet.

13. Avoid Binge Eating

Are you prone to binge eating your favorite snack? You may eat the whole packet without realising it.

The packaged food contains a certain number of calories, but is low in micros. You will not feel satisfied for long and soon you’ll be hungry again. You also consume empty calories. You can lose weight if you control your eating habits.

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