Reasons why we need sports in the school curriculum

Can stay healthy

Regular physical activity through sports can benefit the students by fighting unwanted illness such as obesity, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, and an increase in bone density reducing risks of osteoporosis. Sports activities strengthen lungs, reduce chronic muscular tension and help regulate sports

Maintain good fitness level

Indulging in sports activities enable the students to stay fit and slim, develop good posture, improve hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and attain a better balance. The passion for paying outdoors minimizes sedentary indoor activities or being stuck to the phone.

Boos self-esteem

Several studies indicated that students playing sports would learn to welcome constructive criticism from friends and opponents and focus on their weakness until they achieve success or see improvement.

Enhanced leadership skills

Learning how to handle a team in the school days will elevate leadership quality, leading to becoming a good decision maker in life. It teaches them to manage team emotions and encourage team discipline.


Positive mentoring

Undergoing coaching and mentoring from different coaches can be a positive aspect for them in all stages of life as they will learn to control emotions and perform better when a positive mindset is inculcated in them at such a young age.

Improved emotional fitness

Playing sports enhances the physical stimulation of well being and creates happiness in them by the release of happiness hormones which also helps fight depression and make them more cheerful.

Be more social

Being a part of a team helps students interact with different people of various ages and from diverse backgrounds. It gives them the encouragement and confidence needed to face any circumstance in life.

Enhanced discipline

Indulging in sports activities teaches students the mental, physical and tactical training. They learn it in the form of abiding rules and regulations, practicing restraint, obeying the coach and respecting decisions made.

Better performance in academics

Studies have shown a positive correlation between sports activities and enhanced memory and cognitive functions of the brain. Students can perform better in academics when sports are made a part of their routine.


Improved teamwork and cooperation

Playing sports and being part of a team improves their role as a team player and helps them regarding group activities or projects in academics and future career growth as an individual.

Efficient time management

The passion for sports helps students efficiently divide the available time for games, academics, and practice. Learning how to manage time can significantly benefit them for a prosperous future.

Improved sleep

There is a definite link between getting better sleep and involvement in sports. Getting adequate rest to the body and mind can help students focus better, avoid illness and remain healthy.

Better patience and perseverance

Involving in sports will teach them to keep practicing till they see results and better persistence to push through the bad times and become more resilient.